Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jobs for College Grads

As college students around the country prepare for graduation, something they have worked hard for so they can get a good job, they will be entering a job market with an unemployment rate of 9.7 percent. This is double the rate that it was when all of these students started college in 2006. The good news is the job market has improved slightly from last year and some sectors like government, heath care and financial services are starting to hire more people. The job market for the 2010 class is better than it was for the 2009 class, but it's still weak. There just isn't the need right now to hire people as there was two and a half years ago. The graduates with the best chance of finding a job right away are the ones applying for health care, business administration, computer science and accounting or finance jobs. The accounting sector has seen a large increase in the need to hire people. Deloitte plans to hire 5,300 college graduates this year for full time positions and paid internships, this is a 10-15 percent increase from last year. One employer that is always hiring college graduates is the federal government. Government jobs are becoming more popular with students, partly because they are looking to seek a stable job in this shaky job market. For the graduates that can't find jobs, the best way to get their foot in the door is by doing an internship...even if it's unpaid. By doing this you can prove that you are a great worker and maybe the company will eventually take you on full time when they can afford it. If you are graduating this year, have you had a hard time landing a job?

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