Monday, February 8, 2010

In Response to Sam

Sam asked the question: where do you think the future of transportation is going, after he explained the new car that Honda has come out with. It's a Honda FCX Clarity that is an electric/hydrogen powered car. The Clarity doesn't need to be recharged after taking a trip, it only needs to be refilled with hydrogen, which powers the motor. I believe that this car is taking a step in the right direction when it comes to thinking outside the box of filling our cars up with gas, but I'm not sure if it will work. I think a lot of people will be apprehensive about buying it because what if for some reason it rejects the hydrogen, and you're stranded someplace with no way of getting a ride home. It seems too good to be true and it will be interesting to see how people like it.

People have gotten too accustomed to using gas for everything; snow blower, lawnmower, recreational vehicles, etc... and they know that they can rely on gas to run their machines. They probably won't be so willing to spend a lot of money on a new product that might not work. Like most things, people will probably wait to buy a hydrogen powered car until they've been around for a while, maybe five years or so, to see if they really do work and how many problems come with them.

Maybe the car will take off and people will love it. The Clarity has the potential to open many doors for transportation, and it's an amazing accomplishment that the car industry has come so far, but will it really work as well as they hope. What do you think will happen with the future of the car industry?

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