Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Advertisements...Gone too Far?

Super Bowl advertisements are a big part of every Super Bowl, it gives companies a chance to advertise to millions of viewers in a different way than they normally would. Their main goal is to make the commercials comical, which in return will hopefully give them more customers. I understand that gaining more customers is what every company wants, but is it really worth paying anywhere from $2.5-3 million to advertise for only 30 seconds.

That amount just seems so ridiculous to me. Most companies aren't doing so well right now, and most of them had multiple commercials that played throughout the Super Bowl, so they were paying a lot to advertise, but will it really make a difference for them? In my opinion it won't. Even if the economy wasn't struggling why would any company want to put out millions of dollars for only 30 seconds. I don't understand why the price is so high and why it isn't cheaper, it's not like a variety of companies are advertising; it's mostly a couple of companies and then a few others here and there. They do probably have a deal with the network so they don't have to pay $3 million for every commercial, but it's still really pricey.

It does provide a lot of entertainment for viewers, and I think it definitely keeps some people watching the Super Bowl because they want to see what Anheuser Busch or Doritos will do next. For example the commercial that had the kid telling the boyfriend to leave his mom and his Doritos alone was really funny, but the commercials advertising internet sites weren't funny at all, and I doubt they will attract many customers.

I think that the prices for advertising during the Super Bowl need to be brought back down to a happy medium. Everything is all about money, and it would be nice if for once a big event didn't revovle around a lot of money being spent all at once. It puts too much pressure on some advertisements that run, and they only end up being flops. Do you think that the Super Bowl advertising has gone too far?

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