Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summer Job Outlook

As many college students head home for the summer they will all be looking for one thing; a summer job. Unfortunately for those students, this summer teens and young adults are going to have a rough time landing a job. This summer, they are competing against people that are experienced and laid off professionals, who are all applying for the same jobs. Shawn Boyer, CEO of said it's not a summer to be picky about what type of work you do. If you find a job take it as soon as you can before someone else comes in and takes it away from you. The only advantage some teens may have over experienced professionals is that the experienced workers have too much experience, and the store that's thinking about hiring them might be scared to hire them for only a couple months until they find something better.
Last summer, 4.8 million young Americans worked in the leisure and hospitality industry. Some of these places include theme parks, hotels and restaurants. The other popular industries were in retail (3.9 million workers) and in education or health services (2.1 million workers). The number of workers came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The places that usually employ the teens and college students are also the places that are looking to cut back on spending because they have been hit so hard by the recession. The lack of cash coming in means they don't need quite so many workers because there won't be hundreds of people at Six Flags at a time. Only 29% of hiring managers intend to hire the same amount of workers as they did last year and 18% of hiring managers expect to hire fewer workers this summer. People are hopeful that this is as bad as everything will get, and that we are slowly recovering and next summer will be better as far as summer jobs goes. If you've been looking for a job, have you noticed how hard it is to find one?

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