Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Response to Chad Brown

Chad asked if I have ever been persuaded to buy an item because I wanted to buy something just for the logo. Honestly, I think everyone has been persuaded to buy something because of the logo. Even though we might be sad to say we have spent $30 on a t-shirt from Hollister, which we could have saved $15 on by just buying the same exact thing from Target...but we wanted the logo instead. I don't really think this way anymore, some of the clothes are just so expensive at stores like Hollister or American Eagle and I have other things to pay for, so it makes it hard to afford the big name brand clothes. When I was in high school and middle school I thought of it as a necessity to have name brand clothes because everyone else did, but by the time I was a senior I was over it. It's so much money for clothes at these stores and it's not really worth it. I'm so tall that I buy something and then forget it can't be put in the drier because it will shrink, and then I go to put the $50 pair on pants on the next day and they are up to my ankles. It's frustrating because you need clothes, but they are so expensive and what's so special about the "logo brands" that draws so many people in. They are all over campus, hundreds of people everyday wear these name brand clothes because of the name...maybe they don't even like the style of the shirt they are wearing they just want to fit in. Do you think name brand clothing has gone too far and is too overpriced?

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