Sunday, April 11, 2010

Career Killing Facebook Mistakes

Facebook is arguably the most popular social networking site with more than 400 million active visitors. The site is known for the casual social aspect, but many users also use it as a professional networking tool. Facebook is a valuable tool for connecting with former and current colleagues, clients and potential employers. A recent survey suggests that approximately 30% of employers are using Facebook to screen potential employees, this percentage is even higher than those who check Linkediln, which is a professional social networking site. The following Facebook mistakes may cost you a great opportunity.
Many prospective employers or clients don't want to see their future employee or advisor chugging a bottle of wine with a cigarette in their other hand as their profile picture. They look at this as you being more interested in letting people know that you can drink wine, rather than having a maturer picture that shows you are ready to work. When you go to make a picture your profile picture, just think is this something you would want your grandparents or even parents to see? If your answer was no, you probably wouldn't want your future employer or client to see it either. They could get the wrong impression of you and pick someone else that has a more suitable Facebook profile picture.
Complaining about your job on Facebook is another big mistake. Chances are you are friends with someone you work with or someone that knows your boss. When you post something on your site about your job, that is then open to the public and people have access to it. If you want to complain about your job do it somewhere else rather than online because it will only come back to haunt you. Another thing you shouldn't do is post lies on your resume and then put the truth on Facebook. For example, if you put on your resume that you went to Harvard then the firm that interviewed you goes to check you out online and they see that you actually went to Keene State, there's a very good chance you will be cut from the interview list. Always be truthful on your resumes and Facebook because it will catch up with you and your work will eventually find out.
When you go to update your status, as many people do on a daily basis consider it before you do. Is this something you'd want your boss to see? For example putting something like "I am at work right now with nothing to do...I am so bored." If your Facebook friends with someone at your work, maybe even your boss that is not a very smart thing to put online. It would blow up in your face and could even cost you your job. If you don't want people to see any personal information about you change all of your security settings to private or have friends only for viewing your profile. There are so many potential employers checking on Facebook nowadays to see what kind of worker you could be and you should really think about what you're putting online for the world to see. It could cost you a job if they think you're too immature and not ready for the task yet. Do you agree with these Facebook mistakes?

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